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Zan O.
4.5 stars
I have been wanting to try this place out for a while now since we keep driving up and down Ventura blvd. I had heard that they make all sorts of different curry dishes. My brother had also suggested that their Bulgagi meat was really good. (Read Full Review)
Vilanda T.

4.5 stars
Was just here for lunch a with a friend. I ordered 3 taco with spicy beef bulgogi. It was like heaven....soooo good. I also got the turong...which is basically banana wrap with sweet wonton paper and deep fried of course. This place makes it 100x (Ready Full Review)
Darren P.

4.5 stars
This is my first review and it was hard picking the right place to choose. The reason I decided to provide my input at Curry Up Café was because when it comes to food places/restaurants/street side shacks/roach coaches/etc,.. I usually (Rea Full Review)
Matthew M.

4.5 stars
This place ROCKS. Tiny and worth finding. I have not had anything I did not like from this funky and affordable Asian Fusion restaurant. Owner Chris is cool and very open-minded when it comes to trying new ideas with his menu. They (Read Full Review)

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