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kidwong "Welcome To Your Next Favorite Restaurant"   -Chef Wongie

About Us
Curry Up Café opened on October 1st, 2007.  The Curry Up concept first started with Japanese Curry and a few appetizers.  Soon after – Japanese Ramen was added to the menu.  With the new craze for Asian-Mex Fusion, the Chuy Lee’s Asian Fusion Tacos was developed.  The latest genre of food infused into the Curry Up menu was the fusion of Asian flavors into burgers, hot dogs and fries – giving birth to Wongie’s Burger’s and Doggies. 

Curry Up Café continues to cross the culinary lines to find the newest and innovative cuisines for people to discover and enjoy.

About Chef Wongie

Chris Wongie Chris Wongie at 16
After working in the Film and Television Industry as a Film Editor and Cameraman on several Feature Films, Television Shows, and Commercials, it was time for Christopher L. Wong to enter the family restaurant business.
Chef Wongie was born & Curry Up Café was invented.

About Chef Uncle Willie and wife Linda

Chris's Dad His parent’s owned a small Cantonese-Chinese restaurant for 39 years called “Far East Delight.” His father, aka “Uncle Willie – the King of Cantonese Cuisine” was the Head Chef.  Willie’s wife Linda was in charge of managing the dining room and giving excellent customer service. They continue to be part of the restaurant business by helping Chef Wongie out at Curry Up Café when needed. Chris's Mom

About Chef Gamboa-Wong

Chris's Wife Chef Wongie married Margeaux Gamboa on February 14th 2009, making her part of the restaurant business.  She works very hard juggling her roles at Curry Up Café while finishing her Master’s Degree in English. She hopes to become a great English Professor at the University Level very soon.

About Chef Alex

Chef Alex Alex Perez has been part of Curry Up Café since Day 1.  He has brought his previous restaurant experience and expertise to the café and has become a big part of the family.